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Victory Stand Up Paddle

 Māui Lifting the Sky

"Force up the heavens
 O, Ru! (Māui’s Father)
 And let the space be clear."

For a great time, Māui’s home was enveloped by darkness. The heavens had fallen down and had not been separated from the earth. Māui came to a woman and said "Give me a drink from your gourd calabash, and I will push the heavens higher."

The woman handed the gourd to him. When he had taken a deep drink, he braced himself against the clouds and lifted the sky and carried it to the tops of the mountains; then with great exertion he thrust it upwards once more, and pressed it to the place it now occupies. Nevertheless, dark clouds many times hang low along the eastern slope of Māui's great mountain Haleakala and descend in heavy rains upon the hill Kauwiki; but they dare not stay, lest Māui the strong come and hurl them so far away that they cannot come back again.

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