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Retail Believer: YOLO Board

Posted on October 09 2010

Jeff Archer is Co-Owner of YOLO Board. YOLO Board is a Santa Rosa Beach Florida company that is dedicated to creating awareness of what is soon to be the world’s fastest growing watersport/recreational activity: Stand-up Paddleboarding or as Jeff likes to call it, “ Yoloing.” YOLO Board currently designs and manufactures three types of stand-up paddleboards. Each stand-up paddleboard represents a unique style that each stand-up paddler can adapt as his own. YOLO Board offers a full line of watersport/stand-up paddle accessories, including a variety of paddles, leashes, waterproof backpacks, GO Pro Cameras, and a system for stand up paddle fishing.


Jeff came across Victory Koredry a couple years ago at a SUP event where he noticed the contestants wearing the Victory Koredry shirt. What struck him right off the bat was the quality of the shirt. Jeff has dealt with other manufactures in the industry and has noticed the poor quality of the material and stitching. After learning a little bit more of the Koredry brand and what Victory was all about, he was sold. To start with, Jeff says the shirts are bar none the best in the market. He has used both the Victory Permawik and Victory Koredry for contests he has his hand in. He loves the Permawik for the comfort, the cut, the durability, UV protection and how cool it keeps him on those very hot days in Florida. He says the Koredry also works incredible. He finds the technology of the Koredry amazing. 

Jeff has plenty other reasons to choose Victory. He enjoys calling Victory and getting someone on the line that also gets in the water and has a lot of passion for water sports. Jeff wanted to deal with a company that was dedicated to see the sport of SUP grow. He can appreciate that Victory sees SUP as its own entity. That Victory is very supportive of the water sport /recreation industry. Jeff calls Victory a partner and has the right idea when he calls us one big family. Victory enjoys Jeff’s direction and influence in the SUP market. We enjoy that he is wanting young and old to just get out and enjoy the sport. So I’m sure that you get a good idea why Yolo Board chooses Victory. Hearing Jeff talk about all things good about Victory makes us very proud and again makes it very clear that we are the best in the market. Check out . They have a very informative site on Stand Up Paddling. You can also see details of a great SUP race that YOLO Board is promoting for SEPT.18th.

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