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Chris with Victory KoreDry Surf Shirts and Rash Guards in the Mentawais

Posted on October 09 2017

Surf trip to the Mentawai Islands off of Sumatra - 2 weeks of FUN & ADVENTURE!!


This is the only local I've seen surf in the Mentawai's. He paddled out just before sunset & was a beginner - but with those waves he will be ripping soon. The VICTORY KOREDRY rash guard & half bar of wax I gave him put a big smile on his face & many "Thank you" responses. The village near this break is a Christian village & many of the kids we gave candy to on a walkabout also spoke minimal english. The board might be communal as he stashed it in a tree when he left. Thanks Donnie and Victory for the rash guards & helping to spread the KoreDry love to this Sipura local surfer.

Great shot of focusing on getting down the line 



This guy & his family are clove spice farmers. They pick cloves, sun dry them & paddle into the town with a ferry landing to sell the cloves. He gave my brother & I a nice tour of thier clove operation, home, met the family. While hiking through the jungle, he swatted the edge of the brush every 2 or 3 steps with his machette. Our Indo Boat hand said it was to scare any snakes off of the narrow trail. (I hate snakes) He pulled this surfboard out of his house to show us he was a surfer too. We had to give this guy a Victory KoreDry shirt. He really liked the KoreDry rash guard (big smiles) and gave us a baggie of freshly dried cloves to take home.

GT' lure... Very agro fish - they hit hard & fight dirty

This is Bismar - the lighthouse keeper on a small island. I am wearing the life vest he had on before his new purple Victory rash guard. I am also holding a half a kilo of rice & bottled water we gave him. He gave me a nice bag of shells & a big smile in exchange

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