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Alex and Crew fishing

Posted on June 07 2010

We all decided to hit up Corona one more time, and hearing about some bigger tailwalkers being in the water. It was not the same scenario as last week, yet there were nicer grades of fish, and nothing went under 2.5lbs. Here are some pics.

Alex fishing

Alex I have been using rashguards for years. I use it for fishing in the Sierras or the South Pacific. The stuff works and it works great. It keeps you at a very comfortable temperature level, and its also very durable. I got a 5 fish stringer totaling 21.5lbs. I ended up with a 7lber, 5lber, 3.5lber, 3.5lber, and a 2.5lber. Sorry about the half flash shot. I forgot that I unlocked my wader clips. By the way, it took me at least 10 minutes to bring in the 7lber. It also took off in the air at least 4 times. It almost tail slapped me, as it leap inches in front of my tube on its 3rd jump."

 Adrian Fishing

Adrian "I couldn't believe my eyes. Look at how it repels water. I couldnt believe my eyes. Look at how it repels water." Adrian ended up with a two fish stringer which totaled 9.5lbs. He ended up with a 4lber and a 5.5lber. 

Russ Fishing

Russ "The material works and works great. I love that it's available in XXXL"]The material works and works great. I love that its available in XXXL." Russ ended up with 4 fish, and it went 16lbs. He ended up with a 5lber, 4.5lber, 3.5lber, and a 3lber.

Panchito Fishing

Panchito "as a U.S. Marine and an avid angler, this victory top suits should be a standard issue garment. i like how it keeps your body temparature at a comfortable level.Panchito ended up with 4 fish which totaled 21lbs. " He ended up with a 6lber, 5.5lber, 5.5lber, and a 4lber.He did lose a fish that was easily 8lbs. It almost spooled him.

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