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Surf 24 Surf-A-Thon

Posted on June 18 2010

Here’s how it works:

There’s two types of six teams (a total 12) – brand teams such as Billabong and Hurley, and also recreational teams. Each group paid $2,400 to compete – or $100 an hour – meaning this segment of the fund-raising effort raises nearly $30,000 alone. Each team puts one surfer in the water, on the hour. Each surfer competing gets their best one-wave score out of 10 possible waves, Townend explains. The dozen surfers in the water during each heat will have numbers 1 through 12 to be identified, with each team keeping the same numbers through the contest. At the end of the 24-hour period at noon on Sunday, the team with the best 24 scores becomes the Surf 24 champion. There will also be an award for the MVP, the surfer who gets the best score. There are a couple of twists and notable things happening that you might not want to miss. At 1 p.m. on the first day, there’s a celebrity heat. Names will be put in a hat to be drawn the previous night at Shorebreak Hotel and allocated to various teams. The Hollywood stars coming to town are people you wouldn’t even expect to surf. Here’s some name droppin’ for you: Sam Trammell (cute, wolfy bartender on True Blood), Sean Patrick Flanery (one of the crazy Irish bros on cult-classic Boondock Saints), Chad Lowe (24 – Jack Bauer would rock this contest!), and Brandon Boyd (lead singer of Incubus). There are about 30 celebs coming down from Hollywood. Then, there’s the surf stars – many of the recognizable names from around here in Orange County. There are people such as Fuel’s Matt Beacham, longboarder and model Mary Osborne, local well-known Laguna surfers James Pribram and Jon Rose, and PacSun USA Surf Team’s Courtney Conlogue. Co-host along with Townend is his old friend and surfing rival Shaun Tomson, who shared the screen with him in Bustin’ Down the Door. “We’re mixing the surf world and the entertainment world to gain some platform space to spur people to take action,” Frederick said. Besides all this crazy surf action, there will be a ton of other things happening: Nearly 40 eco-village booths, six bands playing, and a showing on Saturday night at 8 p.m. at the Pier Plaza grassy area of the classic ‘80s flick North Shore, with appearances from some of the cast and producers. Yes fellas, Nia Peeples is expected to show. Because of curfew laws, spectators won’t be able to watch the surf contest through the night, except for a select few wearing special green wristbands. But you can show up early on Sunday. At 8 a.m., there will be a beach breakfast for $6.If you’re around, join a beach clean up to be held by Surfrider. Then come back to the pier from 10 to 11 a.m. when Stand Up Paddlers will be put on various teams to compete. Closing ceremonies go down at noon. Funds from Project Save Our Surf go toward: Inside the Outdoor Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, and Heal the Bay. Even if you are not competing, you can help raise money. There will be products on sale at the event, or go to, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the non-profit.


Sixteen(16) teams of maximum 22 competitors per team or a team that can surf team-members multiple times over the twenty-four(24) hour period, beginning NOON on Saturday June 19th and ending on Sunday June 20th at NOON. Within the 24 hours there are two(2) special hours of sixteen(16) competitors that will be drawn from a hat and allocated to the sixteen(16) participating teams.

They are: The CELEBRITY HOUR/Where Hollywood meets Surf Culture Saturday 19th from 1.00p.m. to 2.00p.m. where 16 celebrities from the entertainment, music and surf world will compete on behalf of their allocated teams drawn from a hat for SURF 24. The SUP HOUR Sunday the 20th from 10.00a.m. to 11.00a.m. the “SUP HOUR” where 16 WPA(World Paddle Association) competitors will be allocated by the draw of the hat to the 16 participating teams.

THE SCORING FORMAT: Each participating team is to have a team-member in the water every hour on the hour for the 24 hours, with their one best scoring ride in an hour counting to a teams 24 scoring rides, totaling to the champion of SURF 24.

TEAM COMPOSITION: A team can comprise any age, gender and equipment and equipment can be both short or longboard.

THE “GRAVEYARD” SHIFT”: Due to the Huntington Beach curfew from 10.00p.m. to 5.00a.m. on the beaches, competitors will be issued glowing arm-bands so the can be recognized by police and HB City authorities enabling them to remain on the beach to compete and support their teams. The Southside of HB Pier will be flood-lit during the “Graveyard Shift”. Additionally there will be “Live” entertainment in the outdoor amphitheatre, including bands and movie showing on the “Big Screen”.


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