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Aquathon 2010

Posted on October 16 2010

The not world famous Aquathon didn't happen again this year for the 23rd anniversary with over 150 people not showing up (more than the year before when even less people didn't show up) and not surprisingly with the colder 63 degree water many more did show up at the Ritz Carleton Jaccuzzi which some said looked like the Caddy Shack pool party. Since its not a race or even an official event riding a car to the finish and jumping in the pool is totally acceptable and along with the consumption of alcohol is even encouraged since the folks who don’t officially organize the event don’t want anyone pushing themselves at all. Victory Koredry again supplied the Koredry lycra rash guards for those who officially didn’t participate but went anyhow. I wore mine with just board shorts and a Koredry lycra short underneath and managed to make all the swims and survived but most wore wetsuits this year with the colder then normal water or else just walked the highway around the last 1/3 mile swim around Three Arch Point. There was a bit of swell so swimming through the caves and rockier areas of South Laguna was exciting but no where near as out of control as last year when we had a 6 foot swell, high tides and lifeguards freaking out much of the way. The weather was a little cool in the afternoon when the wind picked up and was over cast in the AM but the coastline from Emerald Bay to Salt Creek is still one of the most beautiful anywhere and always a treat to experience it in any conditions. For more information on this not so secret non event check out the web site at and if you decide to go next year don’t miss the opening speech where you will be told that you aren’t there, shouldn’t go, will probably die by shark attack, hypothermia or any number of dangers but that if you do make it to the Ritz please buy a drink.


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